Thursday, July 3, 2014


Well, I took it upon myself to do it. I've done done it. Welcome to the MEWG Blog. For all members of the now flourishing FB community, well, here is a chance to show and prove. As you may be able to tell by the rudimentary background and display, I have no business anywhere near web design. So, hopefully, someone can step up and help me format this out and make it a much more sleek appearing sight. I will serve primarily as an editor and author, of sorts, so we are free to speak our minds on wrestling, sports, entertainment in a larger, more in depth environment than the environs of FB would allow. Please allow time for the page to develop, and obviously not everyone is a great, good or even mediocre writer. But the only way to get better, well, its like the old joke: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE." I will post the first of many articles here either tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully we can all enjoy it, and hopefully I can get some of you more talented folks some exposure.

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